Replicability of Plastic Roads in Madhya Pradesh

The use of plastic and related materials is increasing exponentially due to tremendous growth in population, urbanization and changed life style leads to widespread littering of plastic on the landscape.

Endogenous Tourism: The New Paradigm in Tourism

The Endogenous tourism is an innovative concept which aptly address the zeal of the tourist to know about – religion, vernacular culture, the historical significance, local art, and folk, as well as the local vegetation and environment.

The element of Achievement Motivation for Entrepreneurs

Harvard psychologist David McClelland developed the Achievement Motivation Theory which he comprehensively defined in his book entitled ‘The Achieving Society’ published  in 1967. McClelland sought to explain why some societies are more economically successful than others. For answers, he looks at the entrepreneurial behaviors of individuals, which he thought were key to the development ofContinue reading “The element of Achievement Motivation for Entrepreneurs”