Certificate Course on Research Methodologies

Certificate Course on Research Methodologies and Paper Writing

IDEA offers this Certificate Course for you to learn the art of research. Scroll down to understand the importance of research and apply for this specially curated multi-discipline Course.

Official Course Brochure:

Every art has its tools. If research is carpentry, research methodologies are your hammer, axe, and nails. Research methodologies or research methods are specific procedures for collecting and analysing data. There are several types of methodologies one can use while conducting any research and gathering data. Just as an axe cannot be used to drill screws, any research method cannot be paired with any research project. The trick is to identify the right tool for the right purpose. This is exactly the part, many students and even professionals struggle with.


Our Course is designed to introduce participants to an array of research methods but at the same time, we shall teach how to apply the right methods to the project chosen.

After the collection of data and its analysis, any project only makes a difference if its end observations are put before the world. This is done through the writing of a Research Report or Research Paper. A research paper is an elaborate essay that illustrates your own calculation, analysis, or evaluation of an argument. When you write a research paper, you draw upon what you know of the subject and the data you have collected, but at the same time, you also dive into the findings of experts on your subject. A well-written Research paper has many components to perfect, be it citations or the presentation of data or the language used.


IDEA’s Certificate Course endeavours to guide participants through the process of writing a research paper on a topic of the participants’ choice.

Today, ‘Research’ has become a way of life for everyone. It is no more confined to scientific studies, but has also become a critical component of the social sciences. Without research, one cannot grow. You need research, be it for your – education, career, business, health, financial management, and even for your social and personal life.


The aptitude for research should not only be imbibed but also encouraged from childhood.


Albeit, in our country, this trait is presumed to be for those perusing M.Phil or Ph.D or those engaged in any scientific organisation.


In view of the above, IDEA has conceived a tailor-made certificate course for young minds (undergraduates, and graduates) of the nation.

Recently, the New Education Policy, 2020 (NEP 2020), has been formulated by the Indian Government. The NEP 2020 is a comprehensive, holistic, far-sighted, and will certainly play a great role in the growth of an empowered and resilient nation. The Policy puts research and innovation in Research methodologies or research methods are specific procedures for collecting and analysing data.


Few of its salient features are:


  1. The Policy encourages quality research by increasing opportunities, funding, and also supporting research collaborations with foreign organisations.
  2. The Policy aims at inducing extensive research at the Undergraduate level by awarding ‘Bachelor’s Degree with Research.’
  3. The Policy proposes directly pursuing a PhD after a bachelor’s degree with research.
  4. For the first time ever, the Policy proposes setting up a strategic and unique National Research Foundation (NRF), to look after issues ranging from funding to creating an infrastructure for education, with an annual grant of ₹20,000 Crores.
  5. The Policy facilitates the setting up of Specialised Research Institutions for cutting-edge research etc.


Given the changing equations in the Education industry and the NEP 2020, putting research in the driver’s seat to enable the nation reach greater heights, Research, and Innovation (R&I), is the next big thing.


Keeping these observations in mind, this Course on Research Methodology and Paper Writing has been designed to bridge the gap between students and research.


Why choose IDEA?

  • Develop skills to undertake research on your own for any topic/situation which you prefer.

  • Sharpen your skills to undertake a review of the literature and write a paper.

  • Publish your Report/Paper in quality journals.

  • Add weight to your CV – Get preferred during job interviews.

  • Establish a strong network by interacting with experienced professionals.

  • Receive a Certificate after the successful completion of the Course.

  • Receive additional career and education-related guidance at discounted prices.

  • Be in tune with the National Education Policy, 2020.

  1. Students with minimum qualification of 10+2 graduation, or
  2. Professionals working in any field related to rural development, livelihoods, governance, SDGs, climate change, health, education, public administration, economics, social sciences, law, etc.

The Course is spread over a 3 months period. The fresh batches commence from 1st and 15th of every month. Each batch contains a maximum of 10 students.

The Course is divided into 8 Chapters (details given below)


Every participant who successfully completes the Course and passes minimum evaluation criteria shall receive a Certificate bearing the Organisation’s name and seal. The Minimum required grade is C.


The Grading System is as follows


Sr. NoScoresGrade
190 and aboveA+(Excellent)
280 to 89A(Very Good)
370 to 79B(Good)
460 to 69C(Satisfactory)
559 and lessD(Average)


The Evaluation Criteria is given in the Table below


Sr. NoAssessment CriteriaMax Marks
1Clarity of the Objectives and Review of Literature20
2Clarity of Project Implementation Methodology / Research Methodology20
3Data Analysis / Situational Analysis20
4Writing of the Project Proposal/Research Report30
5Formatting, presentation and quality of language used10
Total Marks 100


  • For single researcher, lump sum paymentRs. 7,500
  • For single researcher, instalment paymentRs. 2,200 per month (8,800 INR for four months)
  • For team of two co-researchers working on the same research project, per researcher, lump sum payment : Rs. 5,000 (Rs. 10,000 for both)
  • Applicants from economically challenged backgrounds may be provided a discount of 50 per cent in fee.

Interested candidates shall send their CVs and cover letters. We will take the opportunity to get to know you, your career goals and interests. After the scrutiny of received applications and interviews, an email of acceptance or otherwise shall be sent by the Organisation within 3 working days.



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Dr. Rakesh Malhotra
Chairman, IDEA