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Our Books

Blooming India: Strengthening Social Policies
Handbook on Proposal Drafting and Project Management in Development Sector:

Come, let’s become an erudite development professional.

This handbook is an invaluable storehouse of knowledge for anybody who intends to embark upon the journey in the development sector. The guidebook provides inputs to appreciate the spectrum of national and international development organizations. It walks you through the process of drafting a project proposal in a step-by-step manner. It also educates about the different stipulations of procurement by various national and international agencies. The manual educates the readers about multiple project analysis tools for proposal drafting and project management. The guidebook is a unique resource in providing prudence to manage a development project pragmatically. This handbook is the nectar of the first-hand experience acquired over decades of work. Lucid presentation of the contents with a plethora of real examples and case studies enables the reader to imbibe inputs effortlessly.

District Action Plan for Crop Specific Agri Value Chain in Five Districts of Uttar Pradesh