IDEA's Lecture Series

IDEA is associated with imminent minds that do not hesitate to share their expertise. This space is dedicated to such individuals whose insight and ingenuity will inspire confidence and knowledge.

Lecture One:

Achieving SDGs through SDG 4

Dr. Rakesh Malhotra, Chairman, IDEA, speaks at a conference organised by the Confederation of Young Leaders. He addresses how the Sustainable Development Goal to achieve quality education (Goal 4) can be realised via the pursuit of other SDGs.

Lecture Two:

Pre and Post Budget 2021 Discussion:

By Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal

Dr. Rakesh Malhotra, Chairman, IDEA, speaks at a Panel discussion organised by the Jagran Lakecity University, Bhopal. He addresses the shortcomings and aspirations of the  Indian Budget 2021. Tune in to understand the nuances of Indian finance.

Interview One:

Screaming Mind, Stapled Mouth : Mental Health and its Stigmatisation

In order to clear the hush around mental illness and related issues, IDEA interviewed Mr. Shiv Kumar, a renowned psychologist, who speaks of the stigma around mental health issues. In talks with Mr. Kumar, he explains how a harmful narrative is created in society, propagated and how its repercussions deny many mentally ill individuals the treatment they deserve.

He even hints at various policy interventions in the education sector that aim at sensitising students right from school level.

Lecture Three:

Research Internship Programme (Session One) : Fundamentals of Choosing a Research Topic

Dr. Rakesh Malhotra, Chairman, IDEA, explains the process of choosing a viable and appropriate research topic, in this informative 10 minutes session.

Additionally, he also throws light upon how to select one’s research objectives and hypotheses.

Lecture Four:

Research Internship Programme (Session Two) : Writing a Synopsis

Ms. Namrata Chandorkar, Research Associate, IDEA, explains the process of writing a research synopsis, in this informative 15 minutes session.


She covers, comprehensively, all aspects of writing a research synopsis, with well-crafted examples and practical nuances.

Lecture Five:

Session Five : Healthcare

Mr. Binu Chaturvedi, Health Expert, from Bhopal, explains and discuss about the various issues related to health.

Lecture Six:

Session Six: Gender Empowerment

Ms. Shipra Deo, Gender Expert, from Lucknow, explains and discuss about gender empowerment in detail by sharing live examples and some of her own experiences.