Research Internship Programme

Research Internship Programme

with Certificate in Research Methodologies

In India, interns are usually given little research work and a lot of clerical work like filing, indexing, entering data, and note taking. Most of these activities do not help an intern learn any career-oriented skills. But students still pursue such internships for the sake of a certificate from a recognised organisation.


We wish to do things differently. IDEA’s Research Internship Programme is a step-by-step course to undertaking a research project. Our Research Interns gain valuable experience in addition to adding a feather to their caps and CVs!

Very few Organisations might provide you with such a golden opportunity, so do not miss out. Join us and grow.

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The National Education Policy, 2020, places great reliance on the skill of research, right from the undergraduate level. However, it has been observed that research is deemed to be exclusive to postgraduates and doctorate candidates. In addition, research and data analysis nowadays is a much demanded skill by recruiters, but not many formal institutions practically train students to undertake research.


To fill this gap between expectations of the market and the training of students, IDEA has curated a special Research Internship Programme with a Certificate in Research Methodologies.


IDEA’s Research Internship Programme shall teach you the following:


1. Research Methodologies

2. Survey Design and Implementation

3. Data Compilation and Analysis

4. Policy Research

5. Field Visits / Educational Excursions

6. Report Writing and Publications


IDEA’s Research Internship Programme is clubbed with our Certificate Course on Research Methodologies. Thus, every Research Intern shall receive an additional Certificate in addition to their Certificate of Completion of Research Internship

Our Research Internship Programme stretches over 4 months and 7 stages. The detailed schedule is given below:



  • Candidate must be above 18 years of age.

  • They should be a school pass out/current college student/recent college graduate/self employed person/wage employed person.

  • They should be available full time/part-time, depending upon the assignment entrusted and other requirements.
  • The Candidate must propose to take up a research study only on any discipline of the social sciences.

The Research Internship will usually be provided for four months, which could be extended further with mutual consent.


Fresh batches commence from the 1st and 15th of every month. Each batch contains a maximum of 10 students.

  • For single researcher, instalment payment : Rs. 2,200 per month (8,800 INR for four months)
  • For single researcher, lump sum payment : Rs. 7,500 (for four months)
  • For team of two co-researchers working on the same research project, per researcher, lump sum payment : Rs. 5,000 (Rs. 10,000 for both)
  • Applicants from economically challenged backgrounds may be provided a discount of 50 per cent in fee.

After the successful completion of their research project, the Research Intern will have to prepare a comprehensive report to indicate what they learned during the Research Internship to receive the Certificate of Completion.


To receive the additional Certificate in Research Methodologies, the Research Intern shall be adjudged based on their Research Report / Paper, on the following criteria:


  1. Project Design
  2. Conduct of Research Methodology
  3. Quality of data collection and analysis
  4. Reflection of data in final research report

Interested candidates shall email us:


  • Detailed CV
  • Writing Sample (minimum 500 words)
  • Contact Information

After the scrutiny of received applications and interviews, an email of acceptance or otherwise shall be sent by the Organisation within 3 working days.


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Interns of IDEA get the complete liberty of choosing their own research topics and framing their own research objectives. However, if you are unsure of which research project to pursue, here is a list of research topics to give you a start!



Click here to access an illustrative List of Research Topics.

Dr. Rakesh Malhotra
Chairman, IDEA


Dr. Manoranjan Sharma

Senior Advisor, IDEA


Dr. Debesh Roy

Senior Advisor, IDEA

Why should you trust us? Our superlative professional experience in training and making champions is the answer. Take a look at some of the interns who have been mentored by Dr. Rakesh Malhotra and Ms. Narayani Gupta. Some of the Interns now are at major positions ranging from corporations like Infosys to founding non-profit organisations and transforming the nation. Many Interns have received admissions with full scholarship to the prestigious universities overseas.


Interns mentored at Bhopal from 2017 – 2019




Interns mentored for gF-India in 2020



Research Interns of the February 2021 Batch

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