In India, a standard internship consists of an intern been given little research work and a lot of clerical work. An intern is also made to take phone calls and handle schedules. Most of these activities do not help an intern learn any career-oriented skills. But students still pursue such internships for the sake of a worthy resume.

IDEA wishes to do things differently. Interning with IDEA will afford you the opportunity to hone career-oriented skills which are pre-requisites to good, respectable jobs.

In order to enhance confidence-building, an intern will be given the opportunity to interact with senior government officials. Furthermore, for hands-on learning, field trips could be undertaken to have a real feel of the actual action. Extensive personal mentoring is the USP of internship with IDEA.

Very few Organisations might provide you with such a golden opportunity, so do not miss out. Join us and grow.

“Forgive yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know before you learned it.”

Maya Angelou

The value of any country is assessed not only by the riches or assets it possesses, but also by the virtue of its people. Today, a career in the social sector is no more restricted to just social science graduates. With the rise of ‘Development Management’, students from Science, Arts, Engineering and other backgrounds are also joining the league of tomorrow’s leaders. Whatever may be your academic background – Economics, Science or Arts, certain skills are necessary for everyone, from a career perspective. India being the world’s largest democracy with a large youth population, internships in this sector provides direct exposure to governance and policy advocacy.

An internship in the development sector helps enhance:

  1. Report Writing,
  2. Strengthening soft skills,
  3. Policy Advocacy and Policy Framing,
  4. Event Organising,
  5. Research paper writing,
  6. Research Initiatives,
  7. Drafting of Project Proposals,
  8. Knowledge and experience through field level visits,
  9. Professional Development,
  10. Confidence Building.

Practical Exposure to Governance

Build theoretical and practical knowledge of development issues by working closely with highly experienced professionals.

Valuable Opportunities

Develop an understanding of the working and the structure of the governments and their undertakings with the chance to learn advocacy, researching, campaigning, implementation of programs, etc.

Professional Development

Develop your career related skills like project management, team building, decision making, analytical thinking, organisational skills and so on.

Enrich your CV

Enrich your CV with a certificate from IDEA, and in case you are assigned to work the other organisations / NGOs, a joint certificate will be awarded.

Knowledge Enhancement

Gain knowledge that cannot be learned by merely attending classes at learning institutions.

Build your Professional Network

Work with Government Undertakings, NGOs, Multinational Organisations, Multinational Donors to open up doors for you to work overseas.

Develop Cultural Adaptability

Experience working with people of various cultures. It will increase your ability to adapt to different cultural and behavioural expectations.

Drafting of Project Proposals

IDEA trains you in drafting project proposals and also provides a rare opportunity for gaining hands-on experience in the same.

Writing a Research Paper

IDEA  teaches you how to write a quality research paper on a topic of your interest and facilitates the publishing of your paper in renowned journals.

Learning Policy Advocacy

IDEA gives you the chance to learn policy advocacy and the process of policy framing by affording you an opportunity to interact with some highly experienced officials of the government and the government undertakings.

Understanding Research Methodologies

Research methodologies are specific procedures for collecting and analysing data. There are several methods one can use while conducting any research and gathering data. Just as an axe cannot be used to drill screws, any research method cannot be paired with any research project. The trick is to identify the right tool for the right purpose. This is precisely the part, many students and even professionals struggle with.

We want our Interns to work on various issues such as social development, public policy, administration, law, SDGs, education, health, climate change, gender empowerment, COVID-19, and other critical issues as per to their interests.

The streams mentioned above are not exhaustive, and there is scope for innovation and experimentation with novel ideas.

Interns shall receive first-hand experience of all aspects of working of State Government Departments, State Planning Commissions, District Administration, United Nations Offices, Banks, Community Based Organisations, Multinational Organisations etc. (however, in light of the current COVID 19 situation, these visits will prove to be difficult to be undertaken now. Albeit efforts would be made for a telephonic/Zoom interface with the senior government officials in the current scenario).

While interning with other organisations, you may get the chance to handle a single project, but with IDEA, you will be working on multiple projects at the same time. It all depends on how willing you are to work.

We are currently in the process of having a formal association with some eminent organisations, financial institutions, NGOs, CBOs, consultancy organisations, to enable our Interns to work on the topical issues with these institutions. Once finalised, the Interns could work with these organisations under our guidance for the mutual benefit of all. Hence, every Intern shall receive multiple certificates from the organisations they have worked with!

The underlying assumption in all our partnerships with Interns, is that their experience with IDEA will enable them to continue to participate in the development of various sections of our society that may be at the risk of not benefitting adequately from the economic progress. In that sense, our internship is recognised as the beginning of a much longer relationship between IDEA and the Interns, as well as the institution they represent.

Internship with IDEA

An Honest Comparison between Internship Opportunities at other organisations (like colleges, commercial organisations etc.) and those at IDEA

Part time/ full timeYesYes
Certificate after InternshipYesYes
Work under highly experienced and proficient professionals from the industry as well academia NoYes
Practical Experience by working with government departments, policy makers, and regulatory
authorities, NGOs, etc.
Opportunity to enrich your CV with joint certificate from IDEA and other organisation you work withNoYes
Chance to learn advocacy, networking skills, researching, drafting project proposals, etcNoYes
Choice to work in the Development Sector, Public Policy, Governance, Law, SDGs, Health,
Livelihoods, Banking and other topical issues of the society

  • Candidate must be above 18 years of age.
  • They should be a school pass out/current college student/recent college graduate/self employed person/wage employed person.
  • They should be available full time/part-time, depending upon the assignment entrusted and other requirements.

The internship will usually be provided for three months, which could be extended further with mutual consent.

However, in the cases where the internship is being pursued with another organisation/NGO, the duration will depend upon the timeframe given by the institution for the allotted assignment.

Fresh batches commence from the 1st and 15th of every month. Each batch contains a maximum of 10 students.

After the successful completion of project(s) and tasks assigned during the internship, the Intern will have to prepare a comprehensive report to indicate what they learned during the internship to receive the certificate.

Why should you trust us? Our superlative professional experience in training and making champions is the answer. Take a look at some of the interns who have been mentored by Dr. Rakesh Malhotra and Ms. Narayani Gupta. Some of the Interns now are at major positions ranging from corporations like Infosys to founding non-profit organisations and transforming the nation. Many Interns have received admissions with full scholarship to the prestigious Universities overseas.

Interns mentored at Bhopal from 2017 – 2019

Interns mentored for gF-India in 2020

The testimonials of Interns who have worked with Dr. Rakesh Malhotra can be viewed at here.

Please visit the Fee structure here.

Interested Candidates shall apply by filling the application form linked below. We will take the opportunity to get to know you, your career goals and interests. After scrutiny of received applications and interviews, an email of acceptance or otherwise shall be sent by the Organisation within 3 working days.

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