Certificate Course on Project Proposal

Certificate Course on Drafting of Project Proposals

IDEA offers a one of its kind Certificate Course teaching how to prepare Project proposals. Scroll down and find A to Z information pertaining to our Course.

Official Course Brochure:

A Project Proposal is a document that establishes a professional relationship between any Organisation seeking funds, with that of a Donor Agency. In other words, it could be said that, a Project Proposal is the critical link to execute concepts at the ground level, and is also a means for the Government and Donor Agencies to operationalise their priorities in a cost effective manner.

While there are several Indian educational institutions that impart world class knowledge on project management, probably none of these institutions teach even the basics of proposal writing. The same is neither dealt with at any other stage of education.

With the above background, IDEA is offering a Certificate Course on Drafting of Project Proposals, particularly relevant to Indian social sector.

If you are one of the below, this Course is perfect for you!

You are working on any project and are entrusted with the responsibility of resource mobilisation.


You are or you wish to work with an NGO, a CBO, a Farmer Producer Organisation, an MFI, and likewise.

You want to work with donor organisations like the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the United Nations Agencies, etc.

You are entrusted with the responsibility of seeking or granting funds under Corporate Social Responsibility.

You are an entrepreneur who wants to learn how to submit a loan proposal to any financial institution.

This Course will teach you to comprehend and respond to the various procurement norms and stipulations of the various agencies of the United Nations.

This Course will teach various analysis, including but not limited to, situational analysis, risk analysis, shareholders analysis, PESTLE analysis, impact analysis.

This Course is helpful for entrepreneurs who wish to diversify their business. This Course will teach you how to draft a proposal to launch a new product in the market.

This Course arms a participant with the adequate experience to pragmatically approach any challenge, threat, opportunity or option, in any given situation.

IDEA makes sure that working closely with our experienced faculty/practitioners provides a better understanding of Proposal Drafting, which is often not taught in any formal Institute.

IDEA gives hands-on experience in drafting at least two project proposals on a topic of the participant’s choice or as per their need.

IDEA works beyond the four walls of its office. It provides an opportunity to interact with various professionals in order to gain experience by observing the ground situation through field visits as and when required.

IDEA shall provide the relevant database of information and literature pertaining to the current national and international government schemes, policies, and projects.

IDEA shall provide every participant with a certificate after the successful completion of the course. This is a valuable addition to the Curriculum Vitae of the participant.

The Course duration is three months.

Fresh batches will commence on the 1st and 15th day of every month (2 batches a month).

Each batch is limited to 10 participants.

The Course is divided into 6 Chapters as detailed below:

The Course will offer hands on experience to work on at least two different proposals over a period of three months. Guidance would be provided in the following ways:

One to One Interaction

This Course is primarily based upon one-to-one interactions and learning with the concerned Faculty.


Group Discussion

Students form a group and discuss their ideas, undertake brainstorming activities, develop reasoning skills, and help develop arguments and opinions persuasively and respectfully. It increases the students’ motivation, communication skills, and the ability to solve problems.


A series of webinars would be arranged. Exposure to the very senior professionals on the subject would be ensured.

Field Level Meetings

Field level meetings/visits are essential in order to gather data on the ground level.

It helps in finding a reliable approach/strategy for the project’s methodology. It also helps in understanding the ground-level situation, which could be a reliable source in writing the proposal. However, in the prevailing situation of COVID-19, the field level visits would not be undertaken currently.

Every participant who successfully completes the Course and passes the minimum evaluation criteria shall receive a Certificate bearing the Organisation’s name and seal.
The Minimum required grade is C.

The Grading System is as follows

Sr. No Scores Grade
1 90 and above A+(Excellent)
2 80 to 89 A(Very Good)
3 70 to 79 B(Good)
4 60 to 69 C(Satisfactory)
5 59 and less D(Average)


The Grading System is as follows

Sr. No Assessment Criteria Max Marks
1 Clarity of the Objectives and Review of Literature 20
2 Clarity of Project Implementation Methodology / Research Methodology 20
3 Data Analysis / Situational Analysis 20
4 Writing of the Project Proposal/Research Report 30
5 Formatting, presentation and quality of language used 10
Total Marks   100


  • For single candidate, instalment payment : Rs. 2,200 per month (8,800 INR for four months)
  • For single candidate, lump sum payment : Rs. 7,500 (for four months)
  • For team of two co-candidates working on the same research project, per researcher, lump sum payment : Rs. 5,000 (Rs. 10,000 for both)
  • Applicants from economically challenged backgrounds may be provided a discount of 50 per cent in fee.

Interested candidates shall send their CVs and cover letters. We will take the opportunity to get to know you, your career goals and interests. After the scrutiny of received applications and interviews, an email of acceptance or otherwise shall be sent by the Organisation within 3 working days.


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Dr. Rakesh Malhotra
Chairman, IDEA