A Student’s Manual to Being a Campus Ambassador

A Student's Manual to Being a Campus Ambassador

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Ms. Atifa Naaz, Research Associate, IDEA, is in charge of coordinating IDEA’s Campus Ambassador Programme. She has penned down her thoughts in this blog where she elaborates on how a Campus Ambassador Programme helps individuals gain valuable skills (in addition to boosting your CV!)

Let us find out what Ms. Atifa has to say:

What is a Campus Ambassador Program?

A Campus Ambassador Program is a process of hiring representatives for any organisation or company from college campuses aiming at a certain campaign or promotion. The objective behind Campus Ambassador Programmes is to establish the presence of a brand among the student community by creating awareness about the vision, mission, services and products of the organisation or the Organising campaign. Thus, campus ambassadors are the messengers of an organisation in their respective colleges, they work upon strengthening the cognisance of an organisation among the student community. Giving consideration to the necessity for active participation in extracurricular activities, it has become indispensable for students to switch gears between different activities happening on their college campuses. It is, thus, crucial for students to create relationships with companies or organisations on deck for career opportunities. And what better way to learn the ropes than being a Campus Ambassador.


How does being a Campus Ambassador benefit a student?

A Campus Ambassador Programme’s mechanism is beneficial for both the Student and the Organisation. Working as a committed Campus Ambassador can open up a lot of opportunities for students to acquire a new set of skills as well as improve upon the skills they already possess. Above all, being a Campus Ambassador gives you a face and a voice different from the crowd and gets you direct reach into the internal connections of a company, which ultimately develops your professional network.


While working as a Campus Ambassador, students get various opportunities to develop manifold skills, including social media marketing, communication skills, team building skills, leadership skills, presentation skills, content marketing, organising workshops. The most interesting part is students can earn goodies, cash incentives, gift vouchers, and other amazing offers from the organisation, in addition to an official certificate.


What are the responsibilities of a Campus Ambassador?

After being appointed as a campus ambassador, the candidate has to actively work for the organisation as per their requirements and has to regularly present, before the organisation, a report of their progress. The activities which could be undertaken as a Campus Ambassador includes:

1. Creating awareness about the products, services and other related information pertaining to a organisation through:

a. Social media marketing,

b. Word of mouth publicity,

c. Distributing pamphlets, posters, flyers, and other printed material.

2. Organising events like workshops/seminars to create a campaign for any specific purpose of the organisation or to search for candidates for any required assignment of the organisation.

3. Providing feedback to the organisation and sharing innovative ideas from the college community with the organisation for better implementation of plans.


How is being a Campus Ambassador different from an internship?

Internships are temporary employment agreements between a student and an organisation that requires different work conditions i.e. full-time, part-time or remotely working. In most cases, interns are provided with an elementary training to get their hands on the task assigned to them and build familiarity with the organisation’s work environment and other necessary elements of the organisation. Internships could be paid or unpaid depending upon the norms and discretion of the organisation. On the contrary, campus ambassador assignments are completely restricted to remote operations which allows students to make time for other commitments on their plate. Being a campus ambassador gives you the recognition in any concerned organisation and aids you in building an influential image of yourself on your college campus. 


Why is IDEA’s Campus Ambassador Programme useful?

Ms. Atifa says, “As Campus Ambassadors for IDEA, students get to learn social media marketing and gain valuable sales experience. Since this job requires communication skills, campus ambassadors get to understand how to present themselves and boost their relationship building skills. Achieving such assets outweigh the mere award of a certificate. 


Being a part of IDEA’s Campus Ambassador Programme is an investment in oneself. By performing well in our Programme, our Ambassadors are eligible to be involved in the services we offer, like academic counselling. This way, Campus Ambassadors gain a double benefit.”

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