Academic Counselling

IDEA offers academic counselling to students. To know more, scroll down and view the particulars of the programme.

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.”

~William Shakespeare

Ever felt confused while deciding on a field of study or while selecting a degree to pursue that suits your interests, aims, and aspirations perfectly?

IDEA identifies your strengths and weaknesses, through incisive research and other analytical tools developed in-house. We will enable you to choose a field of study based on your interest and your aptitude. With our rich industry expertise in the ‘development sector,’ we will effectively guide you with your studies at various levels: graduation, post-graduation, or doctoral in India or abroad.

IDEA’s aim is to facilitate learning parallel to the changes introduced by the National Education Policy 2020, which intends to create a paradigm shift in the educational approaches to the undergraduate education system in India.

Please note that this is very different from Career Counselling.

  1. Transitioning College Students-

These students are undergraduate students who wish to pursue higher studies at the postgraduate level. Alternatively, these are students from post graduate courses who wish to pursue doctoral study.

2. College going students-

These students are those students who are enrolled in any graduate or postgraduate study and cannot decide whether they want to work in the industry or work in the research and development sector.

3. Fresh graduates-

Recently graduated students who cannot decide which career path to choose, or which higher education courses and universities to go for.

The National Education Policy 2020 encourages students to explore avenues that harness their creativity. IDEA provides guidance by facilitating interaction of field professionals who hold vast experience.

We assist in the drafting of recommendation letters, writing of your statements of purpose and facilitating interviews with various industry experts. Our skilled team has, over the course of time, guided many students with their academic concerns. Our knowledge and experience in the education sector will be of great benefit to the students. Along with a team of experts, we also have an extensive database of the details pertaining to various higher education institutions, that will help you make better academic decisions.

Our expertise lies in the following streams:

  • Economics
  • Public Health
  • Social Work and Sociology
  • Entrepreneurship Development
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Environmental Science
  • Gender/Women Studies
  • Public Policy/Public Administration

IDEA employs a comprehensive approach to evaluate the student and then triangulates the information captured, ultimately providing an informed recommendation. The methodology adopted is:

The final ‘Recommendation Report’ will be a cumulative analysis of various inputs like– past academic achievements, findings of the “Interest Mapper,” an applicant’s vision statement, observations of the Counsellor, interactions with Professional(s) from concerned industry, interaction with our Psychologist, and across the table discussions with the applicant.

Why choose IDEA?

IDEA does not merely conduct aptitude tests and present the findings, rather we substantially address the needs of a student. Here is why we are better than the others in this field:

We conduct an in-house developed “Interest Mapper” to understand you better.

We guide you in selecting suitable colleges/universities as per the subject of your interest.

We triangulate data from your inputs identifying the exact theme of study as per your interest and aptitude.

We rely more on extensive personal one to one interaction, rather than using computer-based tools.

We guide you in securing a scholarship.

We also provide an opportunity to pursue an internship on a relevant subject.

We provide expert assistance in completing admission applications. We aid in drafting recommendation letters, statements of purpose and other technical documents that are very critical in securing admission.

We provide an opportunity for a one on one interaction with academicians, counsellors, and industry experts.

Please visit the Fee Structure page.

Interested candidates shall apply by filling the application form linked below. We will take the opportunity to get to know you, your career goals and interests. After scrutiny of received applications and interviews, an email of acceptance or otherwise shall be sent by the Organisation within 3 working days.

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