About IDEA

IDEA aims at creating the ‘difference’ with its versatile team of veterans drawn from diverse sectors, and young ignited minds armed with commitment and aplomb .

Innovation in Development and Empowerment Alternatives (IDEA) aims at bridging the gap between deprivation and development.

We are a collective blend of seasoned veterans and young innovative professionals drawn from diverse sectors of management, psychology, marketing, banking, education, law, health, governance, and livelihoods.

The team also has vast experience in various sectors including rural development, gender, education, MSMEs, vocational skills, dairy, banking, policy advocacy, project designing and implementation, etc.

The collective experience of the entire Team would be more than 200 man-years.

We are registered with the Sub-Registrar, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi, under Public Charitable Trust, New Delhi.  We have been issued a PAN number. We have a Bank Account with ICICI Bank, New Delhi. We also have been issued GST number.

What is the “IDEA” behind our logo?

The fully grown tree represents a well-rounded society and it also resonates with the organisation’s vision ‘to provide means where all dimensions of deprivations and destitutions have been overcome for a dignified life’.

Major Objectives of IDEA

IDEA has several objectives to abide by, and we endeavour to work towards them relentlessly, to the best of our abilities.

To conceive, collaborate on and implement Project Proposals aimed at development in aspects of livelihood, health and governance.

To carry out impact evaluations, to prepare perspective and theme-based area plans, SDGs, and implement research activities.

To promote sustainable enterprises at micro, small and medium levels, comprising of the underprivileged, by means of joint ownership, equity, debt financing, leasing, hiring, and such other means and mechanisms and by actively searching for investment opportunities.

To act as a catalyst in providing hand-holding support (GeM, Government subsidies, grants from other sources, mobilisation of financial resources of the banks and financial institutions) to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to benefit the underprivileged.

To associate and provide all necessary support, guidance, training in the promotion of community-based institutions like Self Help Groups, Village/Block/District/State/ National/ International Level Organisations, etc.

To provide hand-holding support to the youth of the country in enhancing their capacities and capabilities to meet their academic and professional challenges prudently.

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